A Gift From the Morning Light

Drinking liquid light to illuminate my dark corners, The hidden pockets of body within me, The sliding rhythm of me. I am that. I am The glowing goodness, The delirious joy, The secret smiles, The thrills of knowing and unknowing. Looking within while looking without. With telling heart and sureness of spirit I will bring... Continue Reading →


You Are

Human, do not sever your soul from truth's complexity. Do not turn away from the murky work of balance and understanding. Do not hide away from the pain in the world because without it beauty is only half-felt, half-real. Do not resist your grieving, do not fight your discontent or confusion, do not silence your... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love

My grandmother was born a fatherless child and her mother was confined in a sanitarium. She grew up in an orphanage and in the homes of less-than-loving relatives. She was abused. She was unloved by those who should have loved her, unsheltered by those who should have sheltered her. But she was a woman of... Continue Reading →

First Love

It took just one conversation for me. One unassuming but deeply felt exchange between two souls. The first time I really fell in love, that's all it took. One amazing conversation and a hug goodbye. And I walked through the back alleys toward home, past dumpsters of trash, unmarked doors, and murky rain puddles, but... Continue Reading →

Gratitude and Desire

Why does it never feel like quite enough? Enough money, enough connection, enough time, enough energy? If we would only trust, we would see that it's always exactly enough, perfectly enough, more than enough. Perhaps our feelings of "lacking" are always directly proportionate to that which we're not fully feeling grateful for. When you do... Continue Reading →

Love Manifest

Dear heart, you’re still strange to me. Still unknown. But I hope you can feel that magnetic tug as you beat against your ribcage. I can feel it here inside. The vacuum it creates when it leans forward. Come and find me. In finding yourself, in trusting all the things that you already are and always have... Continue Reading →

Water’s Promise

In the properties of water Lie the chance of transformation Without the loss of identity. Earth to sky, sky to earth. Caught in its perpetual cycle, it returns to us Like a promise in unexpected forms.   It rises away then falls again, Pooling in our lakes resting gently before us. Without the churning of... Continue Reading →

Liquid Nature

I’ve always asked myself, “Am I strong enough?” I often come off as the little, blonde, sweet one. Never hurt a fly. Do as you are told. One day I finally knew that my strength is not steely or loud or large. My strength is water. Flexible, flowing, unfettered. Steady, persistant, gently eroding. A quiet,... Continue Reading →

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