I’m Amanda, and Pennies & Pink Champagne is a place to embrace simple living without sacrificing the pleasures of glamour, luxury, wonder, and magic.

While glamour and luxury are often associated with monetary excess and extravagance, to me, they simply mean fully savoring the lush abundance of the universe and all that it entails (money matters aside).

I like to explore the powers of philosophy, spirituality, imagination, feng shui, organizing, art, poetry, and countless other avenues for creating an abundant and magical life. Join me on the journey!

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Amanda is an English teacher living in Minneapolis, Minnesota (the best-kept secret of the North). While she’s a teacher by day, she’s a writer, singer, dancer, and professional organizer by night. She stays sane by drinking pink bubbly, curating her ’80s ballads Pandora station, and remembering to live with gratitude.