Setting Bone

Our country is broken. And I’m not being negative, or whiny, or naive when I say that. Our country is broken. The Great American Experiment is still in flux, it’s being stretched, tried, and tested. The election has revealed to us how much pain and anger still festers in the hearts of Americans. Many of us feel betrayed. lt’s as though our neighbors looked us right in the eyes and said, “I see you. I acknowledge you. But you don’t matter enough.”

Choosing to despair at this truth indefinitely isn’t productive though. Our country has been broken in the past. When we study our history, that’s evident. But while we thought we were healing, the truth is that, like a broken bone, the break was healing incorrectly. Now the compromised bone is pulling muscles and ligaments out of alignment, and it’s causing stress on other parts of the body. And when a bone heals incorrectly, you can either live with it and suffer through the side effects, or you can break it again and reset it so it can heal properly.

Being broken is incredibly painful. It aches deep in our bodies. But this time, we need to make sure that we take care to set the bone correctly so that when we heal, we are stronger than before.


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